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A Message From The Dean.....

  A Study of Laws 

The Twenty-First Century brings with it new challenges and new opportunities as our lives, our world and new technologies evolve. One who has knowledge of the law has a great new world of opportunities open to them.

In the course of human events and nations, virtually everything we can see, feel or hear is directly or indirectly touched by the law. It can be the skies, streams, oceans, mountains and forests, roads and bridges, music and the arts, skyscrapers or schools, computers, cars, even the air we breathe or the food we eat. Through the annals of time, the Earth has become ever more governed by the laws of man.

Whether it be business, technology, construction, manufacturing, crime and punishment, health, education, the environment, international trade or treaties between nations, there are these and a multitude of others governed by a body of law.

The career opportunities in law are almost limitless.  The knowledge to be gained is invaluable. To attain a fundamental understanding of the law can give one a distinct advantage in life. A legal education can better prepare one to be an arbiter, advocate, entrepreneur, manager, politician, executive, administrator or more.

Law school graduates gain a more savvy perspective of the world and the system of laws that govern it. Whether your goal is practicing before a tribunal or being CEO of your own company, you will be better equipped to discern the liabilities and pitfalls to be avoided, as well as the rights and opportunities that are present.

The instruction given by our faculty of attorneys and qualified instructors can guide you step-by-step in attaining the knowledge necessary to gain the advantage, earn your J. D. Degree and to qualify for the Bar Examination.

Where do you want to be in the next five years...ten years? Only you can decide to change your future through education.  You can increase your earning power...enhance your education...and become prepared, because new opportunities await. Take that first step. We are here to help you.

Sherry Ross,


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